Rhubarb Wine

Story and Recipe by Christine James
Photographs by Lauren Lipscomb

garden grown and homemade with Christine James

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Christine James is a small-scale farmer and photographer based in Sauvie Island, Oregon. Read more from Christine in our previous feature of her farm: Garden Haven

I absolutely LOVE preserving and cooking what I grow, or what I can source from other farms on the island. I obsess over putting up as much jam, sauce, beets and pickles up as humanly possible. I love to share what I make with friends and neighbors. My favorite this year was my strawberry, rose and honey jam. My blueberry, lavender, honey is also a staple as I have 50 mature blueberry bushes. I have recently gotten into making fruit and berry wines - something my dear friend and "canning wife", Ana, has taught me to do.


 Christine's Rhubarb Wine


6 cups of chopped rhubarb
sugar or honey to taste
boiled water that has been cooled
1/8 teaspoon of winemakers yeast
2 gallon sized jars with tight fitting lids



Alternate thin layers of rhubarb with honey or sugar to coat, fill the jar 3/4 full.
Use wooden spoon to mash the fruit as much as you can, close the lid tightly.
Repeat this step once or twice a day for three or so days.
Take out half of the contents of the jar and put the other half into your other glass gallon jar
Boil water and let cool, when cool, fill both jars to 3/4 full
Add 1/8 teaspoon of winemaker's yeast to each jar, stir and close lids tightly
Watch the fermentation process begin! This is the most exciting part!!
Burp each lid once a day
I typically let my wine ferment for 6-8 days *( I have no idea if this is technically right, but it works for me!)
Strain macerated fruit
Drink your beautiful, blush wine!